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The aims and objects for which the Society is established are:

To promote the use, development, preservation, operation and maintenance of the Precast Concrete Industry in India or elsewhere, by demonstrating its advantages and benefits.

To develop and lay down guidelines in line with the statute for Precast Concrete Industry for a healthy, safe and durable construction.

To bring together the Precast Concrete Industry, Professionals, stakeholders and End-users in one platform, to promote ethical practices amongst them and to protect the interests of all by providing them with a forum for sharing all their experiences and concerns relating to Precast Concrete Industry.

To conduct studies and engage in research and development to aid the Precast Concrete Industry, and to take all necessary actions to set acceptable standards for the Industry and to maintain or raise such standards.

To collaborate and co-operate to represent its membersí views to the Central and State Governments and to act as representatives of the Industry.

To collaborate, co-operate, and exchange data and ideas with various trade associations, chambers of commerce, boards of trade, and other organizations and individuals and to act as a clearing-house for information for its members and public at large to accomplish the objectives.

To engage in the activities of enhancing the efficient and economic progress of the Precast Concrete Industry.

To network with other businesses to exchange ideas, concepts, and topics important to business development.

To develop wider Inter-State and International links for promoting the use of Precast Concrete, which lead to the growth of organisational development, various trade and investment opportunities.

To strive to be the primary source of research-oriented knowledge enhancer for professionals and general public in this highly dynamic business environment.

To endeavour towards disseminating knowledge by conceptualizing, executing and managing quality events, workshops, colloquium & programs for the members of the Society, professionals and general public, of all matters relating to the maintenance, preservation and development of the Precast Concrete industry.

To create a comprehensive business and professionals directory, identifying key members in businesses and the services they provide, thus promoting networking and Business development opportunities.

To create space where global business requirements and resources are met and fulfilled. To maintain, manage, and circulate manuals, catalogues, directories, Journals, Books and other Publications.

To do any other act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or in advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members.

To undertake charity and social support activities for the benefit of the society in general.

To raise funds from national and international, government and non-government agencies for carrying out the activities of the Society.

To accept donations, raise subscriptions from the members of the Society or other persons and for providing income to Society on such terms and conditions as may deem proper and necessary for the fulfilment of the aims of the Society.

To ensure the development of Precast Concrete Industry so as to establish better understanding, co-ordination and unity amongst all those involved in such industry through the Society.

To offer a wide range of direct technical assistance to members, including organizational and administrative development; training; capacity building; project resource information; project design; and resource development information etc. in partnership with other state wide partners, if any.

To represent and arbitrate with government and non-government agencies whether in India or elsewhere, to support members and business associations, to discuss and implement solutions of various bottlenecks in Precast Concrete Industry and find remedies.

To undertake business-centric research and development (R & D) assignments to help member companies in effective decision making.

To constantly meet, share innovative ideas, views and initiatives, and understand processes and procedures in business areas.

To develop synergies and create business opportunities.

To learn new paradigms of business and trade, spread inspiration by sharing success stories of within and outside the Society and mentor budding enterprises / entrepreneurs, professionals with all the required support by acting as an incubation centre.